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Gannon on Chiefs WRs: 'You gotta feel for Matt Cassel'

Former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and current CBS announcer Rich Gannon will team with Ian Eagle in this Sunday's broadcast of the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Gannon weighed in on the current four game suspension for Dwayne Bowe with the folks at 810 WHB and also touched on how the rotating group of receivers affects Matt Cassel as a quarterback.

"Another disappointing notch on his belt for this guy," Gannon said.  "He hasn't been the player he thought he was going to be. He's been inconsistent.  I think his focus has been and down and his production has been up and down.  This is really disappointing."

I would agree with Gannon that this is disappointing but it's a stretch to say he he hasn't been the player he thought he was going to be and his production has been up and down.

His first two seasons in the NFL and he has over 2,000 receiving yards.  For a position that usually takes a little longer to develop. Bowe certainly acted (and produced) like a No. 1 receiver right off the bat.  He's definitely having a down year for now and, after the suspension, his numbers will be way down.

"And if it turns out it is a diuretic, that's even worse," Gannon continued. I was interested to hear the take of a former player on taking a diuretic.  Gannon called this an "unacceptable" mistake.

"You look at the premier receivers in the game," he said, "they take great care of themselves and pride themselves in their preparation all week.  Part of your responsibility is taking care of your body, especially at that position, all year round."

Gannon called the rotation at wide receiver a "dysfunctional" situation for Matt Cassel.  He says that his 17 years in the NFL have taught him that lots of time with your wide receivers, especially in the offseason, is critical to success.  The Chiefs could and will likely feature a set with only receivers signed within the last two months.

"You gotta feel for Matt Cassel," Gannon said.