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Chiefs Coach Talks About Wrestlers Turned Football Players

In early October the Kansas City Chiefs worked out a wrestler, who had never played football before.  It seemed a bit odd, at first, but we just chalked it up to the Patriots connection, since he had previously tried out with the Patriots.

Today, Todd Haley talked a little more about wrestlers and why they might make good football players.

"I love wrestlers from the standpoint of balance if nothing else," Haley said, "linemen who have been wrestlers, too. A lot of times when he’s been a wrestler he has a little lower of gravity and not built for speed so much."

Haley was talking about wrestlers because a reporter pointed out LB Jovan Belcher's background as a high school All-American wrestler.  He said Belcher doesn't have the body of a typical wrestler but his background can never hurt.

"But I think that does nothing but help you," he said. "There isn’t anything tougher than that. You go in those wrestling rooms and it’s 100 degrees and a lot of sweat."


It makes sense though that wrestlers could potentially make for a good NFL body.  Wrestling and offensive or defensive line play can't be that far off.  As Haley says, it certainly can't hurt.

Any wrestlers who have played football out there?  I'd be interested to hear your take on this.