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Experts Pick the Steelers, Fans Pick the Chiefs

Usually I think that internet polls with 35,000 respondents is fairly accurate.  One extreme will usually balance out the other and you'll get a good picture of what everyone thinks.

But then again a lot of people hate the Steelers.....or love the Chiefs. Probably the latter but a poll on shows a whopping 79% of voters think the Chiefs will defeat the Steelers.  That's 35,718 votes as of this posting (Confession: I voted twice).

NFL Network had three folks make a pick. All three - Brian Baldinger, Sterling Sharpe and Joe Theismann - picked the Steelers.

10 point favorites?  That's the smart move. 

ESPN followed suit with all of the experts picking the Steelers.


I wonder why the Steelers aren't getting more votes.  I had always figured they had one of the largest fanbases.

Maybe Steelers fans don't know how to use the computer....Zing!  Just kidding....