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Steelers Sign a Former Chiefs LB

The Pittsburgh Steelers have signed LB Curtis Gatewood to their practice squad.  If that name sounds familiar, it should.

Gatewood was signed by the Chiefs exactly one year ago today.  Weird, huh?

Normally, I would view a situation like this as the Steelers trying to glean some inside information on the Chiefs defensive scheme.  It's not that unusual for a team to sign a former player of their upcoming opponent and ratchet as much information as they can out of him before the game.

However, with the dramatic changes the Chiefs made to their defense this season, I find it highly unlikely this is the case.  

Clancy Pendergast was named the Chiefs defensive coordinator on March 13th.  Gatewood was released from the Chiefs on April 21st.

Of the four teams Gatewood has been on in the last year, the Chiefs are the only ones to give him playing time in a real game.

Interesting note: OLB Andy Studebaker could be subbing for Mike Vrabel this weekend.  Studebaker was signed the same day as Gatewood last season.

(H/T tomahawk44 in the FanShots)