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Chiefs In Rare Position of Facing Third Straight Road Blackout

Blackouts haven't yet become a major part of the conversation for the Kansas City Chiefs season. With a favorable home schedule the Chiefs haven't been talking much about least not blackouts at Arrowhead.

The Chiefs road schedule has been strange the past few weeks because the team has played in two stadiums that did not officially sellout according to NFL standards.

The Chiefs lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars amidst 45,000 people or so.  The game did not sell out and was not shown on TV in Jacksonville.

The Chiefs then traveled to Oakland to take on the Raiders last week.  I've heard from a few people who say the 40,000 or so in announced attendance is a generous, generous number.

The weekend after this, however, the Chiefs are back on the road and, as of now, it appears the Chargers will not sellout.

“It is extremely unlikely that we will sell 1,000 tickets a day for the next seven days,” said Chargers COO Jim Steeg.

This means that the Chiefs will likely have their third straight road blackout.