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Chiefs Receiver Lance Long Came Cheap

Two of the more active Chiefs writers on the internet took to writing about Kansas City Chiefs receiver Lance Long today.  Bob Gretz has a nice piece up on Long while Josh Looney wrote 'Long Shot' (both of which were linked in Arrowheadlines this morning).

Check out those pieces on Lance Long.  I don't think I can add a whole lot other than hit on one interesting note from head coach Todd Haley's press conference yesterday afternoon.  

Haley says he paid a whopping $500 signing bonus for the rights to Long after the draft in 2008.  That's about 10% of what he made per week while on the practice squad for the Cardinals last season.

These days he's got a sizable increase with a $310,000 base salary in 2009 and the final year of his contract in 2010 for $395,000.

In light of Dwayne Bowe's suspension, the receivers were the hot topic of the day with questions covering Long, Bobby Wade, Chris Chambers and the other receivers.  Haley talked about his short time with Long last season.

One of our coaches on the staff had been a college coach of his and he knew him," Haley said. "Lance doesn’t have a lot of college career catches but he knew him and said he would be a great guy for camp. He’ll come in and give you an honest day’s work and when the draft ends that’s always a tough deal where you’re scrambling trying to find enough guys."

Haley says he tried to run Long off but he wasn't having it.

So why do I like Lance Long?  High effort, low paycheck and we're starting to see some results.