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Chiefs Coach Haley Says WR Bobby Wade Will Return to the Lineup

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley confirmed today that receiver Bobby Wade will return to the lineup in light of Dwayne Bowe's four game suspension.  Wade had been inactive since Chris Chambers was signed but Haley had said on multiple occasions that it was just a numbers game with Wade.

"I think Bobby Wade will be back playing and I think that’s good for him," Haley told reporters today.

Since coming on in week two, Wade had been the Chiefs No. 2 receiver.  Despite that, he was the odd man out when the Chiefs reached a deal with Chambers.  Haley appears to be high on Wade so I imagine they would have found a way to get him back in the lineup regardless of Bowe's suspension.

"That was more roster-related two weeks in a row," Haley continued. "I tried to make that clear to you and to him. It’s tough decisions and last guy and somebody has to sit tight.

"Bobby’s been chomping at the bit and he helped us a bunch when he got here and now he’s looking to help us again."

Haley wouldn't get into specifics but I imagine Wade has a large role on Sunday.  Chambers admitted within the last week that he's still adjusting to the playbook so it'll be interesting to see how Wade fits into that.

Wade called the situation "tough" but appears ready to assume a larger role once again.

"Obviously there are a lot of moving parts to this team," Wade said today via," and coach Haley is just trying to find the right guys that he wants to keep around as core guys. Whatever that calls for, that’s always been my take on it."

Wade being active also means there is an open spot on the inactive list in the coming weeks.