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Chiefs Coach Will Not Get Into Specifics of the Bowe Suspension

No surprise here. 

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said today he will not get into specifics of when, where and by whom he learned of Dwayne Bowe's suspension.  It's been reported that Bowe and the Chiefs were aware of it earlier this month.

I was thinking about it today and wondering how many times in recent weeks he's had to tell reporters he will not talk about a certain issue.  First, it was the Larry Johnson issue which lasted about two weeks.  He did a pretty good job of staying on topic despite repeated questions that involved LJ.

Now, it's the Dwayne Bowe suspension.  Check out all the times Haley had to say he wouldn't talk about it and think how frustrating his job can be at times.

"Afternoon everyone," Haley began. "As you know, Dwayne Bowe is suspended for four games. Appreciate that you all are curious about it, but this is now officially a league matter and there’s nothing I can speak out on."

He was asked about it a few more times after the jump.

Can you talk about when you first learned Bowe could be facing a suspension?

"No I can’t. Now it is an official league matter and I can’t talk about any of the specifics of it.

For you personally, do you feel disappointment, anger, your feelings on the issue?

"Again, I’m not going into any feeling as far as Dwayne goes.

Who gets those snaps? Wade, Bradley?

"The details of who is where I won’t get into.

Is Dwayne supposed to do stuff on his own?

"Again, I can’t get into any specifics of his deal."

Is there any fear that Dwayne might not be the only one?

"I’ll only comment on what’s fact and right now we have a player suspended for four games."