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A Few Chiefs Players Weigh In On Concussions in the NFL

A few Kansas City Chiefs weighed in on concussions in the NFL, which has become a pretty publicized issue in recent years.  The NFL has put in a lot of measures to protect the players but how do you protect a guy that doesn't tell anyone he has a concussion?

"I've known of players hiding concussions," Chiefs C Rudy Niswanger said in quotes distributed by the other AP. "...Sometimes players aren't real sure. They hit their head, they get a little cuckoo for a little while. It happens all the time."

Chiefs S Mike Brown was also quoted as saying, "We're trained to play no matter what."

Brown says its possible some players play not even knowing they have a concussion.  I've never played at that level but I would imagine adrenaline kicks in at some point and you could play through a concussion, or at least try to play through.

"If you can run, and you're able to focus and know your responsibilities," Brown said, "you're usually out there playing. You wouldn't have enough players if no one played hurt. Especially if you're, like, on special teams, you're going to do everything you can to stay in the game."

Chiefs receiver Bobby Wade has seen players suffering from the effects of concussions.

"You see guys with their eyes rolling in the back of their heads," Wade said. "You see guys shaking their head trying to get it together. If there was a doctor evaluating them, I'm sure they would say, 'Your brain has taken trauma."

Mike Wright, a defensive lineman for the Patriots, would disagree when it comes to concussions.

"I would not hide that," Wright said according to the other AP. "That's not something you hide. That puts you in a terrible position, as well as the team. I think that would be the worst thing you could do in a situation like that. So if I ever got a concussion, I would definitely tell. I don't know how you could hide a concussion."

Indeed there are two sides to this issue. 

Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star wrote an article about a month ago that suggested the Chiefs head coach views injuries as a weakness, which would then for the players create a fear of revealing injuries.

I can't think of many concussion issues with the Chiefs this season.  A few players have missed a practice or two because of head trauma. Then there are players like Brian Westbrook whose entire is in jeopardy because of concussions.