Fun With Restaurant Names

A friend of mine who's a Raiders fan was talking about starting a bar and restaurant and we started throwing around potential names.  Somehow, it evolved into naming restaurants for players in the AFC West along with little one-liners to throw in there.  When the season is going as bad as ours has been so far, it helps to have something to laugh about (some of them aren't that good, but I figured I'd try to get in as many as I could).

Jamarcus' Buffet: Where your pants button isn't the only thing that will bust.


DHB's Finger Foods: Because hands have to be good for something.


McFadden's: Our food will only give you the runs if you can open a hole for it.


Merriman's Mexican: We choke our tequila so the worm won't choke you.


River's Steakhouse: Check out our whine list!


Norv's: Where our food is always half-baked.  (Shuts down every year in mid-January.)


Marshall's Fast Food:  Our wrappers are slip-proof


Orton's Brewpub: Try our famous Neck-Beer.


Dawkin's Soup and Salad:  Proudly honoring AARP members.


White Cassel:  Its not the onions that will make you cry.


Bowe's BBQ:  With the our O-line, the diuretics are the only way to get any runs.


Pioli's:  Leave the gun.  Try the cannoli.


Haley's: If you don't like it, GO F#%& YOURSELF YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF %$#*

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