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Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe: 'My reputation is everything'

Kansas City Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe has been advised by his agent, Todd France, to not speak publicly at this time on the four game suspension levied upon him by the NFL.  He did, however, release a five sentence statement regarding the matter.

Here is his statement, which was given to former teammate Eddie Kennison, now of 810 WHB:

"First of all, to all my fans, I'm extremely sorry.  I was only trying to do right for my team by losing weight to be much quicker.  I would never use steroids of any kind.  My reputation is everything.  My fans know I am not that type of guy to get over."

Bowe confirms that the banned substance was some sort of diuretic used to lose weight.

I've seen the argument via a few emails that this is indirectly the fault of head coach Todd Haley.  Some say that Haley's training regimen, and conditioning program, put too much stress on players to lose weight essentially forcing Bowe to use the pill.

I can see that argument. I don't agree with it but I can see where someone is coming from with that.

My take would be that of personal responsibility.  No matter how you shake it, Bowe is responsible for what he puts into his body.  We don't know the circumstances of the situation (how much he was asked to lose, what time frame, etc).

This really is too bad about Bowe, though, because it will follow him the rest of his career.