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As many of you know, Defensive specialist Dick Jauron was recently fired by the Buffalo Bills because of their rapidly degrading season. Much of the problems stemmed from his teams offensive woes (29th in league).


I knew he was a defensive mind and read somewhere on AP that he had a Haley connection but was curious about some things so I did some research. Here is what I found.


Coaching Career - Qualifications

1985 - Defensive Backs Coach -  Bills defensive coordinator Hank Bullough offers Dick Jauron job as Defensive Backs coach. 1 season.

1986-1994 - Defensive Backs Coach - Green Bay Packers hire Jauron for 8 seasons again as Defensive Backs coach. He coached under Forrest Gregg, Lindy Infante, and Mike Holmgren.

1995-1998 - Defensive Coordinator -  Tom Coughlin invited Jauron as Defensive Coordinator for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He stayed for 4 seasons, in 3 of which, the Jaguars made the playoffs including one AFC Championship game.

1999-2003 - Head Coach -  In 1999 Jauron was named head coach of the Chicago Bears to replace Dave Wannstedt. He remained for 5 seasons and made the playoffs once. In 2001, he was named the AP Coach of the Year after a 13-3 season.

2004-2005 - Defensive Coordinator - Jauron is hired as Defensive Coordinator for 2 seasons with the Lions. Near the end of 2005 he was named the Interim Head Coach after Steve Mariucci was fired.

2006-2009 - Head Coach - Jauron is hired as head coach of the Buffalo Bills. He stayed there until he was fired yesterday by owner Ralph Wilson.


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Questions and Comments -

Dick Jauron seems certainly qualified for the position with many years of experience and success as a Defensive Coordinator. Here are some questions I had about Jauron.


Would Jauron come to Kansas City?

Maybe the most obvious question can only be answered by Jauron himself. I will discuss connections with the Chiefs later on but here are a few reasons he might provided there is an opening.

1. He has gone from Head Coach to Defensive Coordinator before. As you can see in his resume above, Jauron has went from Defensive Coordinator to Head Coach not just once, but twice in his career. He needs a job as a Defensive Coordinator until he can find another head coaching job (which I assume is his ambition). With so many big name head coaches currently unemployed at the moment, I could see that taking 3 years or so.


2.  Haley has coached under Jauron. More on this later.


Can Jauron coach a 3-4 defense?

Pioli and Haley obviously are in love with the 3-4 defense and are building their personnel around the 3-4. Does Jauron have experience coaching the 3-4? The Bills ran a 4-3 base defense.


Jauron was asked recently if he runs a 4-3 because he prefers it, or if he was against the 3-4 defense. This is what he said.

You tend to play, when you come somewhere, what you inherit, said Jauron. It takes a while to accumulate the right personnel for a 3-4. I’m not averse to playing any of them, it’s really just more personnel dictated, along with your coaching staff philosophy. I’ve been in both, played in both, coached in both. If you have the right guys it can work.

He has experience with and will coach a 3-4 defense.

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Connections to the Chiefs -


This connection was mentioned by someone on AP, I am sorry I don't remember who or I would give credit where it is due.

Todd Haley coached under Jauron - From 2001-2003 Haley coached under Jauron as the Wide Receivers coach. I can not find any information on how their relationship was, but that could mean that there were no headlines which may be a good thing. Todd Haley is the only person who coached under Jauron who later became a head coach currently.


I can not find any other obvious connections, but feel free to add some in comments below, I would be happy to read them.



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