Your Weekly Glass of Kool Aid



The on going debate today in a couple of excellent posts by Krayfish and RDOGuy about how we Chiefs fans view our team has had me thinking all day. We fans that tend to be on the "positive" side of things are good at talking about patience and philosophy but are probably not as good at pointing out concrete examples of things we are excited about. In a season like this you have to look a lot harder for positives then negatives. Make no mistake, I am not in denial about how bad we are this season. We're really, really, REALLY bad right now. As I pointed out in Kray's post, the only way I can survive these bad times is to find some positives that we can build on going forward. This doesn't mean that I won't recognize the things that need to be improved. But as your self appointed (and for many unwanted :-P) "Kool Aid Man" I am going to take it upon myself to once a week give AP some of the good things we have going for us. This won't always be easy and I'm probably crazy for starting this right before the Steelers come to town. I promise never to use the word "patience" in these posts and will try to give concrete examples instead of just philosophical ramblings that I tend to go in to (the start of this post, for example). Hopefully these posts will give those like me a glimmer of hope to hold on to during these hard times we Chiefs fans have fallen upon.

So without further ado, I give you your weekly glass of Kool Aid for week 11.

  • Jamaal Charles is 4th in the league in YPC among running backs with more then 40 carries behind Felix Jones, Chris Johnson, and Correll Buckhalter. (and that's with our line)
  • The two worst blockers from the beginning of the season (Goff and Ryan) are no longer starting and have been replaced by new players brought in by Pioli.
  • Of the 5 top receiving targets that will be on the field while Bowe is out (Chambers, Wade, Long, Bradley, and Pope) four were not on the roster on opening day. Stop and think about how bad we would be if Pioli had not been upgrading these positions during the season.
  • Corey Mays reached double digit tackles for the first time in his carreer last Sunday (8 solo, 2 assists). He is second on the team in tackles with 52 and keep in mind he is usually not on the field on passing downs. In my opinion the coaching staff has done a good job of using Mays so that they get the most out of his tackling ability while protecting his poor pass coverage skills.
  • As we all know, our kickers are fantastic. You add that to the much improved kick coverage this season and we are one return man away from being a really great special teams team.
  • Despite being in our third straight season of "suckitude" we still have some of the most passionate fans in the universe AND we have the best blog in the universe for the fans to debate the levels of the "suckitude".

So there you go AP, a couple quick positives to keep you from jumping off that cliff just yet. I have a few more that I could list, but I have a feeling that I better save a couple for next week after the Steelers game.

Enjoy the Kool Aid!


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