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So, Who Is the Chiefs No. 1 Receiver With Bowe's Suspension?

As we now sit after hearing about Dwayne Bowe's suspension, a question comes to mind: Who is the Chiefs No. 1 wide receiver now?

Sifting through the Chiefs official depth chart, Lance Long would "officially" assume Bowe's role. Chris Chambers is currently the receiver on the other side. Bobby Wade, who was inactive the last two games, likely figures to be involved in the gameday group (that's my guess at least).

Bowe was clear and away the No. 1 receiver through eight games.

Dwayne Bowe: 33 receptions, 64 targets, 58.2 yards per game

The other Chiefs receivers either haven't been on the team all season or have received limited playing time because of new acquisitions. Here are the rest of the Chiefs receivers in their time with the Chiefs.

Bobby Wade: 20 receptions, 37 targets, 37.7 yards per game

Mark Bradley: 17 receptions, 37 targets, 26.4 yards per game

Lance Long: 12 receptions, 21 targets, 26.0 yards per game

And for the wildcard, Chris Chambers, who has only appeared in two games for the Chiefs.

Chris Chambers: 6 receptions, 9 targets, 65.0 yards per game

I would imagine Chambers and Long could emerge as the two to benefit from Bowe's suspension. And, I think it's kind of ironic that both of those players have appeared in a combined four games for the Chiefs.