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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 11/17



In the interest of catching a train, today's post is tweet-free. I know everyone will be very disappointed, but we'll be ok. =)

Larry Johnson has his second chance. The troubled former Chiefs running back will sign Tuesday morning with the Cincinnati Bengals, Johnson's agent told The Star late Monday night.

Peter Schaffer wrote in an e-mail that Johnson's deal would be finished early Tuesday, a day after Johnson reportedly was in Cincinnati to meet with Bengals coaches. Reports surfaced Monday that Johnson, who was released last week by the Chiefs after 6 seasons, was being courted by the Bengals after running back Cedric Benson suffered a hip injury in Sundays win against Pittsburgh.

Larry Johnson to sign with Bengals from KC Star

Good one from Gretz. Haley was responsible for the 4th down defensive time out.

"Why would you say I was getting after him?" Haley asked Monday afternoon with a smile. "He was getting after me."

The conversation came near the end of the first half. The Raiders had a 4th-and-1 play near mid-field and lined up like they were going to go for the first down. Haley was on the headset with the defensive coaching staff and they wanted to allow Oakland to lineup in the formation they were going to use, and then they were going to call a timeout, a Kodak timeout. You know, get a picture and then make adjustments.

But Haley’s call for the timeout and the snap of the ball came at the same time. JaMarcus Russell tried a quarterback sneak and did not get the necessary yardage. The Chiefs defense thought they had held. But the officials waved off the snap and awarded the timeout to Haley.

That drew a comment from Carthon, and that brought a reply from Haley, and that’s when they started exchanging friendly words said in unfriendly ways.

Riding In The Hot Seat … Tuesday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

"When I was an assistant," Haley said Monday, "I had all the answers."

Those answers are proving more elusive to Haley in his first year as the Chiefs’ head coach. Many of his game decisions have been puzzling, and not merely because they haven’t worked out in Kansas City’s favor.

"It’s difficult," Haley acknowledged. "Ultimately, you’re responsible for how they all turn out."

Chiefs coach Haley finding out it’s not easy making the decisions from KC Star

One game into the post-Larry Johnson era is all it took for the Kansas City Chiefs to get their first rushing touchdown, first 100-yard rushing day and second win of the year.

This week's opponent, the Pittsburgh Steelers, may mount more of a challenge than the mistake-prone Oakland Raiders did in Sunday's 16-10 victory.

But the Steelers would be wise to prepare for Jamaal Charles as KC's featured back. It would seem a richly deserved reward for his long TD run and 103 yards rushing in the first game since former Pro Bowler Johnson was released amid a cloud of controversy.

Charles Makes His Case to be KC's Running Back from The Lebanon Daily News


1) How long it will take the Chiefs to get a first down next week when the Pittsburgh Steelers come to town after taking it on the chin against Cincinnati? Offensively the Steelers couldn’t do anything and they lost the heart of their defense, safety Troy Polamalu, to injury again. Polamalu will miss next weeks’ game.

Haley called one of the most beautiful games last year in the Super Bowl and took Pittsburgh to the final minute, and I’m wondering if he can do it again to keep this team competitive? Granted, we don’t have the talent Arizona has on offense or defense, but we still need to attack the Steelers.

Monday morning quarterbacking the KC Chiefs from

The replica jersey of Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson was selling for $80 a pop last month at Dick's Sporting Goods stores.

How quickly the star athlete can fall.

On Sunday, three dozen Johnson jerseys at the Independence Dick's store were marked way, way down -- to $9.97 each.

Fire sale on Larry Johnson's jersey from Midwest Voices