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Chiefs Coach Talks About Winning With 22 Guys Off the Street Quote

Eight and a half months ago, Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star reported that Brian Waters attempted to meet with head coach Todd Haley and GM Scott Pioli.  Per Whitlock, Haley declined the meeting and told Waters, "22 guys off the street could win two games."

The Chiefs won their second game yesterday.....their second in nine games.  The Chiefs will likely win more than two games season, but probably not much more.  At first, it seemed that some used that quote as a rallying cry for keeping the players accountable.  Over a half-a-season later, the results aren't there so those words have been held against him (by the fans and media).

Haley was asked about the quote that he reportedly said nine months ago.

"Whether I did or didn’t it’s private conversation," he said declining to confirm nor deny the report once again, "whether it did take place or didn’t take place."

I believe that he said it and Whitlock's report was correct and I would guess that Haley is happy to at least match that win total. It would have been open season on the head coach if he didn't win two games with that quote hanging over his head.

Haley was prodded further on the words and declined to comment because it was a hypothetical question. 

He was also asked, by 610 Sports Nick Wright, whether he felt the new regime was carrying itself with a bit of arrogance that hadn't been earned.

"I’ve never been characterized as being arrogant," he said, "at least to my face that I know about. I try not to appear arrogant in any way because I don’t feel arrogant."

Haley said he feels like he's apologized when he's done something wrong or inappropriate and has not carried himself in an arrogant fashion.