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Chiefs n' Charles Will Face Steelers No. 1 Rush Defense

The Kansas City Chiefs now shift their focus to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I imagine there will be more people than usual at Arrowhead this weekend.  The fans should be excited to see the defending champs and the Steelers fans historically travel well.

Quickly though the Chiefs biggest positive coming out of Sunday's win over the Oakland Raiders, Jamaal Charles, will face the stiffest test of the season.

The Steelers are currently the No. 1 run defense in football. 

They haven't allowed 100 rushing yards since October 11th, giving up a season high 110 yards to the Detroit Lions.  They have allowed 100 rushing yards in just two games this season.

The Steelers defense is also No. 1 in rushing attempts and touchdowns. 

There's some optimism on the offensive side of the ball despite the Steelers stout rush defense.  At running back, Charles is coming off his second career 100 yard game and first for any Chiefs back this season.  We can only assume after a game like that the Chiefs will feature him more.  He had 18 carries on Sunday.

I know this is a terrible matchup for the Chiefs and will be heavy underdogs.  However, I do think the Steelers rush defense will not play like the No.1 unit in the league against the Chiefs.  A player like Larry Johnson would've been eaten alive in a between-the-tackles approach.

Charles gives the Chiefs a chance and that's all they can expect.

On the Chiefs side, their rushing defense is ranked 27th in the NFL. 

The Chiefs defense does have one advantage.  They have created a turnover in 7 of 9 games, while the Steelers have benefited from a turnover in just 6 of 9 games.