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Chiefs Coach Haley Talks About Yelling at His Assistant Coach

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley talked about a few heated words he had with assistant coach Maurice (Mo) Carthon in yesterday's win against the Raiders.  CBS cameras showed Haley being tugged away from Carthon by another assistant coach.  We can only imagine what the head coach was saying.

Haley was asked about that moment this afternoon.

"He was getting after me," he said.

"Yeah, especially Mo is the most important guy I have, no disrespect to anybody else. He’s somebody I’ve looked up to from the first day we were ever around each other. Mo and I are friends and have worked together a bunch, but we’re both very emotional and passionate guys."

This is expected, I think.  Haley has consistently pointed to Carthon as a guy that he leans on heavily.

Haley also said his coaching staff was at its best yesterday.  He said they were the most efficient they've been all season.

"It’s all been a process for us also," he said. "We’ve shifted [coaches] downstairs and upstairs and been tinkering trying to get the right mix. But yesterday I felt like it was our most efficient day as a staff."

I'm not quite sure how I feel on Haley's yelling.  If he's winning, he's the next Bill Cowher.