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Father Son Duos Highlight Chiefs and Steelers Connections

It's that time of the week, wake up, wake up....

Yes, that time of the week for checking out the connections to the opposing team. This week, it's the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Chiefs have a solid Pittsburgh pedigree.

Haley, Perles and Colquitt all have dad's that played/coached for the Steelers at some points.

And this week, we have an opposing player who was actually born in KC.

  • Chiefs head coach Todd Haley attended Upper St. Clair HS in Pittsburgh. His father, Dick Haley, served as Steelers Director of Player Personnel (’71- 90) and played DB (’61-64). He was a RB at the University of Pittsburgh.
  • KC def. quality control coach Pat Perles attended Upper St. Clair HS. His father, George Perles, coached with Pittsburgh (’72-81).
  • Chiefs P Dustin Colquitt's father, Crag Colquitt, played seven seasons with Pittsburgh (’78-84), winning Super Bowl XIII and XIV rings.
  • Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel spent four seasons with Pittsburgh (’97-00).
  • Pittsburgh off. coord. Bruce Arians coached RBs for KC (’89-92).
  • Steelers LB Keyaron Fox played four seasons with KC (2004-07).
  • Kansas City COO Mark Donovan, OL coach Bill Muir and CB Maurice Leggett were all born in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Chiefs asst. OL coach Joe D’Alessandris is a native of Aliquippa, PA and coached at the University of Pittsburgh (’96).
  • Kansas City LB Tamba Hali played collegiately at Penn State.
  • KC asst. coach Nick Sirianni coached at Indiana (PA) from 2006-08.
  • Chiefs C/G Andy Alleman played collegiately at Pittsburgh.
  • PIT OL coach Larry Zierlein coached at Ft. Hayes State (’70-71).
  • Steelers C Justin Hartwig played at Kansas, while DE Ziggy Hood played at Missouri.
  • Pittsburgh K Jeff Reed was born in Kansas City, MO.

And with that, I am seriously considering going to bed now. I woke up at 2 AM this morning and for the life of me could not go back to sleep. That has to be one of the worst feelings in the world.