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Due to Stat Change, Larry Johnson Becomes 2.9, Not 2.7

Well, one of the greatest Chiefs nicknames was great while it lasted. 2.7 yards per carry....Larry Johnson, #27.

Elias Sports Bureau has swooped in and taken the nickname away with a stat change from the Chiefs October 4th game against the Giants.

Michael Eisen of explains:

"It took a while, but the Elias Sports Bureau has made a scoring change from the Giants' game in Kansas City on Oct. 4. With 13:08 left in the game, Larry Johnson was originally credited with a rush for zero yards, but the Chiefs gained 19 yards on a fumble recovery. The new ruling is that Johnson, who is no longer with the team, ran for 19 yards before fumbling. Guard Brian Waters gets zero recovery yards."

Previously, LJ had 358 yards on 132 carries which equals out to 2.71 yards per carry. The extra 19 yards bumps his total to 377 yards, which is 2.85 yards per carry, rounded up to 2.9.

It also means that LJ is not on pace for the worst season in NFL history and stands 55 yards away from tying the Chiefs franchise record in rushing yards.

Just because says it's not technically right, I think most of us will remember Larry Johnson as 2.7, not 2.9.

Are any of you going to stop using 2.7 now?

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