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Larry Johnson Would be Fourth Back With the Bengals

Don't let anyone tell you the fall from being a NFL starting running back isn't quick.  Per the official Bengals Twitter account, head coach Marvin Lewis has said if Larry Johnson does indeed sign, it would only be for insurance purposes and he would be the team's fourth running back.

LJ's agent, Peter Schaffer, has said multiple teams were interested in his services.  

Are we supposed to believe that when the job it appears he'll get is as a fourth running back (after the starter was banged up yesterday)?

Also, Lewis says that LJ would be inactive if the team signed him and it would have no bearing on the team's first three backs.


Starter Cedric Benson has been assured by the head coach that his role won't change if LJ is signed.

So for those of you that were clamoring for LJ to be benched based on performance, it appears you've been validated if the only job he can secure is as an inactive, fourth running back.