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ESPN: Larry Johnson On His Way to Cincinnati

Former Kansas City Chiefs RB Larry Johnson is currently en route to Cincinnati according to ESPN's Michael Smith.

Per Smith, LJ is expected to ink a deal with the Bengals barring any breakdown.

If this happens, and it appears it will, how fitting is it for LJ?  He'll be wearing stripes, albeit not the kind of stripes some of us thought he could be wearing.

The Bengals have given plenty of second chances.  Sometimes it hasn't paid off.  But, more recently, it has.

The Bengals re-signed Chris Henry after he was arrested four times.  Henry was putting up good numbers before being injured this season.

Benson is like a young LJ almost.  Both had off the field problems and major production issues.  Benson was/is young enough to get another chance (and seize it).

Only time will tell if LJ can have a Benson-like resurgence as he nears age 30 later this week.

Benson suffered an injury last weekend but is expected to be available next weekend.