Hey Scott, I need just a minute....

Ok, something has to give and you need to step up or step in and show why we coveted your hire for our franchise. First, yes I'll explain "our" franchise. This is a team that would not be in Kansas City today without the fans. The fans helped build this team through the years with our support and we kept the team in Kansas City when other owners were moving their teams to larger venues. (Colts, Browns, Oilers...) Lamar believed in our town because we showed we believed in his team. One became the other and we aren't turning our backs on them now.

However, let's talk a minute about your selection of coaches and I am not just going to "hate" on Todd Haley. I am not going to sit here and think for a minute that you didn't have your input into the Assistant Coaches Todd selected for this team. Whether its true or not that you guys were last in line to select from the coaches available last year, its still no excuse for the product your putting on the field. Several of these coaches have got to find the unemployment line.

It's also not an excuse to see what we have ended up with since the hiring of Todd Haley. I have long fought the fight against my wanting to believe every article that has come out about his attitude, yelling, cussing, berating players and down right child like behavior sometimes. But you know, when your hit time after time with a baseball bat, eventually something is going to stick with you. And after I saw this morning that Haley cussed out M Carthon on the sidelines, I thought to myself, this has gone far enough.

Pull Haley to the side in your office and take one of three stances:

1) Beat the shat out of him and tell him to straighten up

2) Fire his ass because of incompetence


3) Hire him some freaking help!

I still believe Haley can do this job and we can be a better team for his leadership. So I choose 1 and then 3. Make it happen and happen soon. You know, we aren't gonna give Clark twenty years with the current GM simply because he hasn't earned it like his Dad did. Your all on notice with the fans!

You sir, have more to lose in this scenario than anyone at One Arrowhead. If you can't make this team a winner, than you will lose all the credibility that you earned in New England. And furthermore, the mystique about your being the top GM in the League will fade so fast it will be like the Hindenburg falling out of the sky again!

Do the right thing, if not for the team, do it for the fans who have supported this team for the past 50 years.


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