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Chiefs Drop the Raiders in Oakland

The Kansas City Chiefs got off to a slow start today against the Raiders but pulled it out, 16 to 10.

And Todd Haley is holding back a smile as he walks across the middle of the field after the game...

Here are some thoughts I will be adding to later:

The Good

  • Jamaal Charles rushing for over 100 yards.
  • The big offensive play showed up today - Charles' 44-yard TD run in the second quarter.
  • S Mike Brown....two picks? Those two picks may have saved his NFL career and the last one saved the game for the Chiefs.

The Bad

  • Three drops by the Chiefs' wide receivers.
  • Matt Cassel and Jamaal Charles had some miscues on exchanges.

The Ugly

  • Jamaal Charles...lost fumble. Even though it was pretty much on Cassel for the fumble.
  • Jamarcus Russell playing football.