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Chiefs WR Chambers: 'The Black Hole really isn't intimidating'

Kansas City Chiefs WR Chris Chambers is in a unique situation in that this is actually the second time he will visit Oakland to play the Raiders.

In week one, Chambers was with the San Diego Chargers when they beat the Raiders on Monday Night Football.  (That was also the last sellout for the Raiders.)

Bob Gretz of has a good quote from Chambers on his return to the Black Hole.

"The Black Hole really isn’t intimidating," Chambers said.

"It’s become more of a fun thing, kind of like the circus. It’s not something to be afraid of, that’s for sure. A couple years ago coming to Kansas City was more intimidating."

Indeed a couple of years ago Arrowhead was much, much more intimidating.  Now?  Not so much, but the Chiefs are at least "selling out" the stadium and continually drawing over 20,000 more fans than the Coliseum.

The article from Bob Gretz is worth a read since he's been around this rivalry for so long.  Here's a snippet of what he had to say.

"The first year the team was back," writes Gretz, "the crowd behavior was very poor in all parts of the stadium. When the Chiefs played there, batteries, water bottles, golf balls and at least one bullet were thrown at the Kansas City sideline. Apparently that was a problem throughout that ‘95 season and the NFL stepped in and told Oakland and the Raiders that it had to stop. Ever since then, plainclothes police officers are stationed in the sections behind the visiting bench."

That sounds about right.