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Theismann, ESPN Experts Not on the Chiefs Bandwagon

Say it ain't so, Joe.

Over the past few months, Joe Theismann has weighed in on the Chiefs a handful of times and generally it's with good thoughts.  He thought the Matt Cassel trade was great, picked the Chiefs to win 10 games before the season and even picked the Chiefs to beat the Cowboys a few weeks back (and the Redskins, his former team, too).

Today that comes crashing down.  Theismann picked the Raiders to beat the Chiefs today.  Both of his colleagues, Sterling Sharpe and Brian Baldinger, picked the Chiefs to win.

The ESPN expert picks aren't too pretty, either.


Only Mike Golic, former Bronco Mark Schlereth and Seth Wickersham picked the Chiefs to win today.

As for odds and other things of that sort, the Chiefs began the week two point underdogs but have been upgraded to 1.5 point 'dogs.  The over/under is 35. 

Over the past six years, the Chiefs have played close games in Oakland (and all wins).