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Things to Expect from the Chiefs vs. Raiders Today

Just a few quick notes to update you before the game and to let you know what to expect as the Chiefs travel to Oakland to take on the Raiders:

-Raiders owner Al Davis will actually not be at the game today, due to promoting his starring role in the new film, A Christmas Carol.

-The only thing to like much about the Raiders is their defense and certain key pieces that are really strong assets and high-caliber performers. Then again, I'm finding myself liking the Chiefs offensive chances. I like the new addition in Chris Chambers. I like the lack of any LJ distractions and questions. I like the "great practice" we heard about in the week. Of course, that's all circumstantial and is no real reason for hope on-field. But there's something about this team that could be coming together.

-More than anything, I like the way we played the Raiders the first time defensively and JaMarcus Russell hasn't gotten better with time. I think the Chiefs defense will enjoy a second look and will find a way to limit their mistakes.

-Dwayne Bowe, jealous of Chambers' two touchdowns from last week, will haul in two of his own. He'll name them Herm and Carl.

-Jason Whitlock and Larry Johnson will be spotted sharing a corn dog in section 308. This doesn't make any sense.