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Rasheed Wallace Explains Passion for the Kansas City Chiefs

At the end of September, the Kansas City Chiefs traveled to Philadelphia to play the Eagles and in one of the post-game articles by the Kansas City Star, Rasheed Wallace's name was mentioned.  The story said he's been a big Chiefs fan since Joe Montana came in 1993.

"You know," he recently said via WEEI in Boston, "I’m always a fan  of individual players, but around about ’93, ‘94, when Joe Montana got traded to Kansas City, no one I knew was a Kansas City fan so I’ve been with them ever since."

Wallace said he grew up in Philadelphia and, with all of his family members being Eagles fans, he had to go against the grain and root for another team.

Okay, I'll get to the part most of you are wondering about.  Here's a passage from the original Kansas City Star article:

"Wallace, wearing a No. 58 Chiefs jersey, tossed a man’s prosthetic leg back and forth.

"Odd. But at least it distracted Wallace from the loss, particularly considering the unlikely Chiefs fan has been following the team for 15 years."

Odd is right.  Wallace was asked to explain that part of the article:

"Well, a friend of mine is handicapped," he said, "and at times when he’s had one too many beers, he gets to taking his leg off and he likes to throw it around and he tries to scare people. So, we just took his leg and put my Kansas City helmet on it and we took pictures of it.

"Every now and then, we convince him to pop his leg off and try to scare people and once he did that, he’s pretty much playing keep away with it. He can’t chase it. So we got the leg and took pictures with it and everyone’s posing and stuff. It was fun though, it was all in fun."

Well, welcome to the Kansas City Chiefs family, Rasheed.

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