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Chiefs Had Their 'Best Friday Practice' of the Year

A couple of times this season, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley has said the Chiefs have had their best week of practice.  That shows improvement, or approval from the coach, at least on the practice field. 

Unfortunately, Haley's comments have always come after a loss trying to explain what went wrong.  He was asked about the good week of practice, poor games phenomenon this season.

"Yes, I do," he said when asked if he cringed thinking about it, "but you can’t think any other way. You really can’t. You’ve got to assume that good practices are eventually going to translate into good play. If you think any other way I think you’re asking for trouble. I know that’s how we gauge how a week has gone."

Today, though, Haley said the team had its best Friday practice of the season.

"Probably our best Friday," he said. "It was pretty good. We went indoors to just kind of get that noise level up and the tempo and precision on both sides. I think it was probably our best Friday as a whole."

The noise level comment is interesting considering the Coliseum in Oakland has been blacked out yet again and might not bring over 50,000 to the stadium.

Moving on, Haley was asked why he thought today in particular was the best practice to date.

"Tempo," he began, "guys were into it, enthusiasm, doing what they’re supposed to do, hustling to the ball on defense, doing all the things we’re asking them to do. Guys were sharp. You can tell when guys are into it. They were mentally into the practice."

Will the good week of practice translate into a W on Sunday?

Past history says no but we're facing the Raiders so it's pretty likely it'll still be a game late in the fourth quarter.