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Chiefs Practice One Final Time Before Trip to the Black Hole

On Thursdays I appear on a radio show and one of the hosts there is a fan of the Oakland Raiders.  

So, I usually start off the show by alerting the authorities that we've got a Raider fan in the house but yesterday, I made a crack about Oakland being 'Arrowhead West' since the Chiefs have won six in a row there.  He responded with "Well, does that make Arrowhead the 'Coliseum East' since the Raiders have won there two years in a row?"

My response?  "No, no we call that Leavenworth."


Anyway, onto today's practice report, which is coming to us courtesy of Josh Looney at

As usual, the focus is on the injuries.

LB David Herron continues to be out putting his status for Sunday very much in jeopardy.  I think we can safely assume he won't be playing this weekend.

Herron was listed as OUT on Thursdays injury report.

LB Mike Vrabel participated in all the early drills but, as Looney points out, he was "running with a hiccup in his step" which means his participation on Sunday isn't quite guaranteed yet.

Vrabel was listed as a limited participant on Thursday along with OL Wade Smith.

As for the wide receivers, Chris Chambers appears ready to go after appearing on the injury report all week with a foot problem.

The way the receivers lined up, it's looking like Chambers and Dwayne Bowe will be opposite each other with Lance Long in the slot.  Haley pointed out yesterday Long's mistake of not getting out of bounds at the end of the first half last week so his status isn't secure yet either.

Bob Gretz should be filing his practice report shortly so we'll let you know if he's got anything more.