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Chiefs Coach Says Defensive Line, Receivers Showing Improvement

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley was asked yesterday how he felt about his team week one at Baltimore versus how he feels today.  The result?  Some improvement.

He specifically pointed to the defensive line and the receives as two areas that have demonstrated improvement.

"I think our defensive line is getting better; they’re better than they were and that’s important. It’s important that each individual is better and as a group they’ve improved and that’s a good sign."

Statistically, that improvement isn't showing in the run game.  The Chiefs continually give up 100+ yards on the ground.  After holding the Raiders to 67 yards in week two and the Eagles to 93 yards in week three, the Chiefs have given up 156, 150, 118, 135 and 173 rushing yards.

The defensive line has been important, though, as the Chiefs have forced two turnovers in four of the last five games.  Of course, that has only resulted in one win.

Haley also pointed to the receivers as a group that are showing some improvement.  

This is something I will agree with the head coach on.  From week one at Baltimore, to now, the Chiefs are drastically better at receiver.

"I would say receiver from when we started this whole deal has made progress. Some of it’s been that we’ve had some new bodies, some of it’s been the chemistry and some of it’s just been working together and getting to know the system and getting more practices under our belt together."

Those new bodies include Bobby Wade, Lance Long and Chris Chambers - three key additions to the receiver group.  By season's end, those three, along with Dwayne Bowe, will likely be the leaders in this group.

These are two areas that the head coach has said he sees improvement.  And, as Josh Looney pointed out to me on Twitter the other day, we shouldn't ignore Haley when he hammers a specific point so I'd think it's safe to say that he's liking what he's seeing as far as improvement goes in these two areas.

Do you feel the defensive line and receivers have begun to demonstrate improvement since week one?