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Grading the Chiefs Rookies At The Halfway Point, Part Three

Finally, here's Part Three of our Grading the Rookies series. Previously, we looked at more high-profile picks like Tyson Jackson, Alex Magee and then middle round picks Donald Washington and Colin Brown For today, we take a closer look at the end of the draft that rounded out our roster and practice squad while also giving us a surprising kicker that we hope solves our woes at the position from the last few years.

To get a good idea of measurement, we'll take a look at three things:

*The half-season stat totals

*What was being said at the time of the draft

*What we can tell at this early stage of their career

The details can all be found starting with Quinten Lawrence after the jump:

Quinten Lawrence, Sixth Round Pick (175 overall)
Meaningful Stats:

What Was Said: "Quinten has incredible speed. More often than not, he was the fastest player on the field. If he gets behind you, forget about it. So if he doesn't make it as an every-down wideout, he'll have a great future as a kick returner. He has good size at 6'1". He showed off his strength at the NFL combine, placing in the top ten for wide receivers in the bench press." -Sports Anchor Tom Annino

What We Can Tell: One of two rookies currently on the Practice Squad, Lawrence has yet to see any game time. He's flashed speed at times, so the Chiefs have kept him around, bouncing him to the PS recently. Definitely a WR project on a team needing significant help at the position.

Javarris Williams, Seventh Round Pick (212 overall)
Meaningful Stats
: None

What Was Said: "He has a great heart. He will do whatever it takes to make it. He's got a burning desire to play in the NFL and has for a long time. He's just got some hurdles he has to prove he can get over. I'm not saying he can't get over them, but that he will have to prove that he can. Breakaway speed is that one thing, but there are NFL backs that don't have that same speed either. He was fun to watch, that's for sure, because of that tackle breaking ability." -Sportswriter Mike Organ, The Tennesseean

"Williams has a short, thick build and is quick enough to turn the corner. He lacks the elite speed to hit the home run." -ESPN

What We Can Tell: Besides serving as fodder for rookie hazing, Williams also has yet to get into a game and display any of the traits that we heard about come draft time. Then again, he's a seventh round pick sitting on the Practice Squad. What else is there really to say?  

Jake O'Connell, Seventh Round Pick (237 overall)
Meaningful Stats:

What Was Said: "O'Connell has good speed and good catching ability. He's athletic and did very well in all the workouts and at his pro day. He'll help fill in for the Chiefs after the loss of Tony Gonzalez."

"O'Connell possesses prototypical size, the ability and top-end speed to create decent separation on underneath routes. He needs to put a lot of work in to become usable in blocking situations." -Scouts, Inc.

What We Can Tell:
The biggest enigma from the Chiefs draft class, at least if you care to analyze it down to this level. O'Connell hasn't found the field in any game since Week 2 against the Raiders, and even then he didn't put up any stats at all. The intangibles of the Miami (OH) product were supposed to be great and everyone noted his ability to catch the ball. On a team starved at the TE position, you'd think he'd find some time on the field.

Ryan Succop, Seventh Round Pick (256 overall)
Meaningful Stats:
8/11 FG, 11/11 XP (Long: 53-yard FG)

What Was Said:
"Succop can handle both punting and kicking duties. He played extremely well at times for the Gamecocks. He could solve what has been a problem area for Kansas City in recent years in the kicking game."

What We Can Tell: Not much was said pre-draft about Succop, who earned some SEC honors at South Carolina but didn't turn heads at the national level for the most part. Still, he's been nothing short of a pleasant surprise for the Chiefs. His only NFL misses in the kicking game have come from longer distances and the NFL level doesn't seem to rattle his nerves at all. It seems, at this early stage, the Chiefs might have their long-term answer at kicker. You can't ask anything more of the last pick in the draft.