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Agent: Larry Johnson Not Signing With a Team Before Monday

Hold the horses on the LJ Watch until at least Monday morning.

Agent for former Kansas City Chiefs RB Larry Johnson spoke with Bill Williamson of today and said they won't be signing with anyone this weekend.

"We're going to let this weekend's games happen and go from there," Schaffer said. "We're making good progress with some teams. But we're not going to rush into a bad deal. We'll see what happens Monday.

"If he isn't signed by Monday, then we'll continue to monitor the situation."

LJ's agent has said there are a number of teams that are interested in his client, including "two you would never guess."

So we'll be waiting at least another four days to find out whether the former Chief will enter into a good situation and further his career (or not).

For now, participate in the poll below. Do you believe Schaffer that multiple teams are looking at LJ?