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Chiefs FS McGraw Back to the First Team, Two LBs Still Banged Up

The Kansas City Chiefs took the to the field this morning in preparation for Sunday's game against the Oakland Raiders.  Yesterday, there were a high number of players on the injury report - six, which is nearing the most the '09 Chiefs have ever seen on the weekly report.

Today, things calmed down a little bit.  These updates are coming from Josh Looney of

McGraw back to the first team

FS Jon McGraw was back on the first team in the early portion of practice today and he's with the first team.  

SS DaJuan Morgan had been filling in for McGraw during his absence.

Getting healthier

WR Chris Chambers didn't appear to be slowed by a foot injury that landed him on the injury report yesterday.

LB Jovan Belcher participated after being limited yesterday with a head injury suffered in last Sunday's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

OL Wade Smith was also back in full pads after being limited yesterday.

Still hurtin'

LB Mike Vrabel was in the rehab area yesterday joined by fellow linebacker David Herron.  Vrabel is suffering from a hip injury and appears to be getting better.  Herron is farther behind Vrabel overcoming a knee injury that kept him out of yesterday's practice.