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Raiders Preparing for Chiefs' Colquitt With Left Footed Punter

The Oakland Raiders are preparing to face the Kansas City Chiefs and one of the top punters in the NFL in Dustin Colquitt.  

Colquitt's putting up some pretty impressive numbers at the halfway point and part of that has to do with a somewhat unorthodox kicking style - he's left-footed.

To prepare for this, the Raiders worked out yesterday Ricky Schmitt who, you guessed it, is left-footed.  He's likely part of the show team that simulates the Chiefs punter.

Colquitt is currently second in punts inside the 20 and fair catches.  He's also first in punts downed by the Chiefs.

The Chiefs and the Cowboys are the only two teams that are ranked in the top ten in both punt and kick coverage.

The Raiders would be smart to prepare for Colquitt.  Special teams is an important aspect of the game, especially for teams like Oakland and Kansas City who have plenty of trouble moving the ball on offense.  

Raiders punter Shane Lechler is also one of the best punters in the NFL.  He's second in net punting average.

Luckily for the Chiefs, Colquitt is averaging 2.0 yards per return.