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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 11/12



Todd Haley rattled off a bunch of statistical areas where the Chiefs rank quite well among the league’s 32 teams. But he allowed after he was done that "stats are for losers." There’s no doubt the ‘09 Chiefs are losers right now, tied for the worst record in the NFL.

Then there are all those others numbers, losers of 27 of their last 30 and 37 of their last 44.

So many fans and pundits wanted change at Arrowhead and rebuilding. It’s doubtful they remembered just how painful it can be. After eight games, the current Chiefs rebuilding job is the ugliest in franchise history.

Ultimate Rebuilding Pain … Thursday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

The Chiefs, tangled in recent weeks in the storm surrounding the suspension and release of running back Larry Johnson, are trying to move past the controversy and find a way to win a game.

That will put things out of kilter Sunday when the 1-7 Chiefs play the 2-6 Raiders in Oakland. The Raiders have had a tumultuous season, even by their standards, but things in Oakland have been relatively peaceful the past couple of weeks.

The Chiefs aren’t strangers to controversy, particularly as it relates to Johnson, but normally that’s an area where they can’t compete with the Raiders. Oakland almost always had a drama or two keeping the Raiders occupied.

Raiders won't gloat over Johnson's departure from the Chiefs from KC Star

Chiefs guard Mike Goff was placed on injured reserve Wednesday, and the shoulder injury that kept him out of Sunday’s starting lineup also will end the veteran’s season.

Kansas City signed Goff during the offseason, after he had played his first 11 seasons with Cincinnati and San Diego. Goff, 33, started the first seven games this season.

Coach Todd Haley said Wednesday that Andy Alleman probably will move into the starting role. Alleman, whom the Chiefs acquired in a trade earlier this season with Miami, started against Jacksonville.

Goff will miss remainder of season from KC Star

The Kansas Chiefs and Oakland Raiders have been making plenty of headlines the past few weeks, but not for any reasons they'd like.

In a matchup of two of the worst teams in the NFL, the Chiefs will take the field Sunday without Larry Johnson, who was released for making inappropriate comments, against a Raiders team dealing with more allegations of coach Tom Cable's history of violent behavior toward women.

Kansas City (1-7) is set to play its first game without Johnson on its roster since 2002 after the two-time Pro Bowl running back was released Monday. He was initially suspended for posting on his Twitter account a gay slur, insulting followers and questioning the competence of coach Todd Haley.

Riders vs. Chiefs from CBS Sports

A ROSE: My congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs Football Club for taking a principled stand on the actions of team members. Mr. Larry Johnson has a substantial record of disregard for the efforts of others and Missourians do not take this lightly.

Roses & Thorns from

Brought in for his breakaway speed that Oakland hoped would revive the vertical passing game, Heyward-Bey has only five catches for 74 yards and no touchdowns in his first eight games as a pro.

"I haven't made the plays I wanted to make, but I've definitely been solid just looking at my grades that come out of the game. ... I've been very solid. There's always room for improvement as a whole receiving corps. We've been all right. We've been all right."

Oakland's receivers have once again been one of the worst groups in the league, catching just 28 passes the entire first half of the season.

But coach Tom Cable last week singled out Heyward-Bey's performance in the previous two games as one of the highlights of the first half. Heyward-Bey had three catches for 38 yards in those two games, hardly the production expected out of a top 10 pick but better than what he had done in the first six games.

Heyward-Bey remains confident despite struggles from is issuing a correction about a comment from Charlie Campbell's PI Quick Hits article posted on November 2. After the 2009 NFL Draft the Bucs had some change over in the Bucs scouting department.

In the article it stated that the Bucs "dropped" former scout Dom Green. Since publication of the article, Pewter Report has learned that Green was offered a contract to stay with the Buccaneers, but he chose to take a position with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Correction: Scout Dom Green Chose KC over TB from

THIS SUNDAY, the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League will honor Native American Heritage Month at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum.

Native American Heritage Month recognizes the significant contributions the first Americans made to the establishment and growth of the U.S.

I commend the Raiders organization for honoring the contributions of Native Americans, but I question their choice of opponent — the Kansas City Chiefs.

Is it possible to be any more insensitive in the selection of an opponent for an event that began with, what I view, as good intentions?

Byron Williams: Good to honor Native Americans, but Raiders opponent is an insensitive choice from The Oakland Tribune

Kansas City Chiefs earlier this year created a spoof of The Office to send up their front office operations, now they're bringing again with a riff on 30 Rock.

For the most part, it's spot on, especially in the production values. The moments where it seemed the most strained are when the two guys impersonating Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan are on screen. But given that those are the two most talented performers on 30 Rock, it's a forgivable misstep. That and the KC Wolf character is kind of annoying, but then they have to work in the mascot somehow, I guess.

The video is after the jump, as it's one of those annoying ones that starts automatically when you open the page. A commendable show of humor, especially for a franchise that employs a coach who clearly takes everything way too seriously.

Chiefs Better at TV Spoofs Than Football from The Sporting News

Lance Long. You know, that smurfy slot receiver in his first year from Mississippi State? He’s not a rookie, technically, but Long might as well be.

The 5-foot-11, 186-pound Detroit native has experience in this offense and familiarity with head coach Todd Haley. As you may remember (like it was eons ago or something), Haley called the plays for the Arizona Cardinals‘ high-flying passing attack last year. What you may not have known is Long spent that entire year on Arizona’s practice squad.

Fantasy owners need to start going Long from

No Player Tweets

Media and Fans

Fake_J_Russell: Been real busy this week ... loading up on calories for the game against the #chiefs Lots of burgers and fries. #raiders
Slimlicious99: @superdj56 Come on DJ you gotta get on the field more. Im a Chiefs and a Longhorn. You are my favorite player for sure.

amandarykoff: Let's face it, when the Raiders play the Chiefs, there really are no winners.

SI_JimTrotter: OAK more talented on field, KC is superior in the front office. RT @SportsJunkie854 How long till Raiders or Chiefs make playoffs?

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