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Six Land on Chiefs Injury Report

I haven't checked this out but six players on the injury report has to be nearing a high for the season.  The Chiefs had one player out, four that were limited and one that participated fully in practice today.

None of them appear to be serious at first glance.  Then again, we rarely know what the hell's going on with injured players.

Anyway, full injury report with notes after the jump.

Did not participate in practice

  • LB David Herron (knee)

No information on this.

Limited participation in practice

  • LB Jovan Belcher (head)
  • WR Chris Chambers (foot)
  • C Wade Smith (ankle)
  • LB Mike Vrabel (hip)

I imagine those that were limited are just banged up from Sunday's game.  Belcher suffered some head trauma of some sorts on Sunday but returned to play in the game.  This could be a precautionary move (especially in light of the news that Aaron Kampman of the Packers played with a concussion last weekend).

No information on injuries to Chambers, Smith or Vrabel.

Full participation in practice

  • FS Jon McGraw (thigh)

Appears to be recovering from the leg injury that kept him out for the last two-and-a-half weeks.