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Chiefs' Ndukwe Could Be Seeing Time at Right Guard

I can't count how many times I've heard this question in comments on the site and emails to me: 'Why don't the Chiefs try Ndukwe at right guard?'

My answer?  'Uh, I don't know actually...."

(On a side note, if you're asking multiple questions about a backup tackle possibly moving to backup guard then congrats - you've reached full obsession.)

Todd Haley talked about Ikechuku Ndukwe this afternoon and, if you're one of the people that want to him at guard, you'll like this from the head coach.

"That’s probably his best position really," he began. "We tried to force the issue at tackle early but if it came down to it that’s a position he’s really comfortable playing. He’ll have his shot in there. That’s why I feel fairly comfortable with that being the spot."

Haley said it would be "fair" to say Alleman is the starting right guard at this point.

There's been a lot of movement at the position in the last week.  Mike Goff went down with an injury last week, which moved Andy Alleman into a starting role, and then Goff was placed on IR today putting Alleman on the first team.

His comments about Ndukwe indicate that he might be the one coming off the bench to spell Alleman or replace him in the unfortunate instance that Alleman's injured.  The line's swing man, Wade Smith, will also be in the running to spell Alleman.

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