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Chiefs G Mike Goff to Injured Reserve is Confirmed

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Indeed it appears Kansas City Chiefs right guard Mike Goff will be headed to injured reserve ending his season eight games early according to Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star.  Babb first reported the roster moves on his Twitter account.

He was battling a shoulder injury over the last couple weeks, an injury that caused him to snap his 113 game starting streak last weekend.

In Goff's place will be Andy Alleman, who got the starting nod on Sunday.  I was content with Alleman's performance last weekend.  I think he'll be fine for the rest of the season, but that position will certainly be eligible for an upgrade over the offseason and into the NFL draft.

Behind Alleman is Wade Smith, the swing man on the offensive line.

As we told you a few minutes ago, linebacker Justin Rogers was signed in Goff's place.

Goff was the one of the veterans brought in by Todd Haley to help with the leadership aspect of a young club.  However, he was actually expected to produce in his time here.  I think many of us would say he's about had it as a starting NFL guard after 12 years of service.

Goff is due $1 million in base salary this season and $1.1 million next.  He is eligible to be a free agent in 2011.