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Grading the Chiefs Rookies At The Halfway Point

At the official halfway point of the season, it seems a good time to stop and check on some key areas of the Chiefs. This time around, the rookies deserve a closer look to see how the class of 2009 are measuring up in Scott Pioli's first draft class - after all, this was one of the key reasons we were so excited to get the New England exec.

To get a good idea of measurement, we'll take a look at three things:

*The half-season stat totals

*What was being said at the time of the draft

*What we can tell at this early stage of their career

The details can all be found starting with Tyson Jackson after the jump:

Tyson Jackson, First Round Pick (3rd overall)
Meaningful Stats:
12 total tackles, 1 pass defense, 0 sacks

What Was Said: "It's not just the size-speed ratios that are outstanding. It's not just his athletic skills, which are considerable. And it's not just his resume of playing for one of the best college football programs in the country at LSU. It is Jackson's personality and approach to the game that hooked the Chiefs. "He loves football," Pioli said."

Now it should be noted that some were really surprised at this draft realization. Many had Aaron Curry targeted for this pick, although most should have known that NOBODY knows what Scott Pioli is going to do at a given time. Year in and year out, we'll find this to be true as I assume most Chiefs picks will be a mystery when we hear the name called.

What We Can Tell: Thus far, not a whole lot. The third pick in a draft, this DE is intended to be an anchor for the defensive line. And there are signs of good things (with this week's seven tackles), although that's certainly not a quality measure by any means. The reality is that he didn't register a single tackle in three other games and only has 12 on the season.

In half a season, it's hard to tell where Jackson's force is being felt. There's no tangible difference in the pass rush, at least for him personally with zero sacks. And the run defense was 30th in the NFL last season and 25th this season with Jackson. Of course, it's all a team effort, so perhaps some of the pass rush this season is due to Jackson's d-line presence. Perhaps not.

Alex Magee, Third Round Pick (3rd overall)
Meaningful Stats:
3 total tackles, 0 sacks

What Was Said: "Alex ran his 40 in a time of 4.82 and posted a 4.42-second short shuttle and a 7.15-second three-cone drill. Magee is one of the more versatile defensive linemen in this year’s draft and should see his name come off the board during the third/fourth round." -Wes Bunting, National Football Post

"Alex Magee who was added to the roster on Tuesday, exploded by Andy Levitre, using his hands to get by the former Beaver. Magee displayed a speed rush and showed a nice combination move when he powered outside to set up with spin move back inside. I really like his quickness." -Scout from the Senior Bowl 2009

What We Can Tell: Another high d-line draft choice and another question mark - wondering where the impact is felt. You could almost say "ditto" to the Tyson Jackson lines above, except Jackson finally put some stats on the chart with this week's game. He was a disruptive force upfield in college (16 tackles for loss over his career, including 6 his senior season at Purdue).

More to come in Part Two.