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Larry Johnson Speculation Could Continue Into Next Week

Speculation is abuzz on the next landing spot for Larry Johnson, the second leading rusher in Kansas City Chiefs franchise history.

John Clayton of ESPN tells us that on Monday there were "8 or 9 teams look at what to do, whether to claim him on waivers."  Of course we know by now that no teams made a claim on him by the 3:00 PM deadline.

While all the increased speculation is entertaining, it's possible these discussions will spill into next week. Clayton says that LJ could remain un-signed through this weekend's slate of games.

On the one hand, I want to stop talking about LJ.  On the other hand, it's the only thing people are talking about with the Chiefs these days.  Just a warning from Clayton that a signing may not necessarily happen right away.

Quotes from Clayton talk after the jump.

"Houston, definitely interested but also they're on a bye week," he said on SportsCenter this evening. "They can't play him this week so I don't think the urgency is there."

And now we've got conflicting reports from ESPN and....ESPN.  Clayton says Houston is interested while Adam Schefter reports that the Texans are not in the running anymore.

"San Francisco and Chicago" he continues, "they play on Thursday so they can't even get him on campus right now to do anything. 

"I think Washington looked at it and decided they may do something in the future but not this week."

The Redskins are the current poll leader on LJ's preferred landing spot.

"It very well could be a couple days but there's definitely interest and he will land with somebody in the next week," Clayton says. "It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow later on but clearly there's a market for him."

Meanwhile, Adam Schefter of ESPN reminds us that similar situations in the past have culminated with a dark horse candidate. "Remember, Buffalo surprised on T.O.," Schefter tweeted, "Philly surprised on Vick. And I don't know where surprise is coming from on LJ, if there is a deal."