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LaCanfora: Four Teams Have Called About Larry Johnson

Four teams have "called to express interest" regarding former Kansas City Chiefs RB Larry Johnson according to Jason LaCanfora of NFL Network.

I don't know about you but I'm pretty interested to see where he ends up after all this.

Here are the four teams, per LaCanfora:

(Update: 4:40 PM: Adam Schefter reports the Texans are out of the running)

The Chiefs do not have any of these teams on their schedule.

LaCanfora cites a league source that tells him the Texans could be his most likely destination. Adam Schefter of ESPN has reported the Steelers as a preferred landing spot for LJ. The Chiefs play the Steelers in the second half of the season. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk continues to say keep an eye on the Patriots.

Where do you want LJ to end up?

Obviously, I would want him out of the AFC so cross off the Texans and Patriots. Both the Bears and Redskins have average to below average offensive lines so I don't think he would have much success there.

Tough call.

This is by no means a complete listing of teams that may or may not be interested by participate in the poll anyway.