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Former Chiefs RB Larry Johnson Goes Unclaimed on Waivers

Despite up to four teams not ruling him out of their plans, former Kansas City Chiefs RB Larry Johnson has gone unclaimed in the waiver wire process according to multiple reports.

Few important notes now that he's gone unclaimed:

  • He is a free agent and available to sign with any team
  • The Chiefs are responsible for the remainder of his $2+ million salary this season

This is what we expected to happen.  His salary was too high for any team to take a chance on him. I would imagine he wants to go to a contender at this point.  However, you gotta wonder if a non-contender will make him a contract offer higher than the veteran minimum.  We'll see how it works out.

Here are a few of the teams we've heard thrown around in this whole debate:

Steelers: Well-documented that he was a Steelers fan growing up and even wanted Pittsburgh to draft him coming out of Penn State in 2003.  His father also coaches a couple hundred miles away at Penn State.

Patriots: Bill Belichick said his team would talk about LJ this afternoon.  Can't ever count the Pats out.

Texans: Gary Kubiak said they'll take a look at him, like they do all available players.

Ultimately though we're all guessing at this point.