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Belichick on Larry Johnson: 'We'll discuss that'

Yesterday, there were reports floating around that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said 'I would doubt it' when asked about signing Larry Johnson.  While that's true, many of these reports were taking that to mean that New England was not interested in LJ.

That's not really the case.  Belichick did indeed say 'I would doubt it' when asked about LJ but followed that up by saying that he'll likely be claimed by another team before the Patriots could.

So that's not exactly saying no.

Via the Boston Herald, Belichick said today the organization would discuss Larry Johnson before the 3:00 PM waiver wire deadline.

We’ll discuss that organizationally this afternoon," he said. "We’ll decide then if there’s anything we want to do.

Belichick said his pro personnel folks are looking at the situation but they'll sitdown as a group and make a decision before the deadline.

"Whether it’s to work a guy out or claim a guy or talk to his representative, whatever happens. That’s something we’ll do between now and 4 o’clock."

Tick, tock, tick tock....

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