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Larry Johnson: 'I am the biggest Todd Haley Fan'

While he waits until the 3:00 PM deadline today for making waiver wire claims, former Kansas City Chiefs RB Larry Johnson appeared on the Dan Patrick show and - surprise, surprise - changed his tune on the Chiefs management.

"I was -- and still am -- the biggest Todd Haley fan," Johnson said. "I am a big Todd Haley fan and I'm a Scott Pioli fan."

Uh, what?

I think anyone with an inkling of common sense knows what LJ is doing with this interview - trying to convince another team to take a shot on him.  That's not to blame him, though.  What's he supposed to do?

He's trying to replace the "angry" and "moody" label with "competitive".

"No, it's not an anger issue," Johnson said. "I have a competitive issue."

"I think sometimes," he continued, "that gets the best of me and I become overly competitive and try to control every little thing I can to make sure I'm winning everything and everyone around me is going to win, and sometimes I lose myself in that."

I do think LJ will play in the NFL again and, I think, given the perfect right opportunity he can succeed, but he's going to be on a short leash for any head coach and/or GM that looks to bring him in because if (or when) he screws up again, there will be a line of people saying, 'I told you so'.

And if teams are calling up the Chiefs to ask them about LJ....well, just ask Bernard Pollard what they'll say.