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Chiefs' Tyson Jackson Has Been Working With Former DE Anthony Pleasant

Back in August, we told you about a few coaching interns the Kansas City Chiefs had brought on board to the team's coaching staff.  One of those interns, Richie Anderson, has been elevated to a position coach.  Another one, Anthony Pleasant, has apparently been working with rookie DE and third overall pick Tyson Jackson.

Jackson has been spending extra time with Pleasant before and after practice on different aspects of the life of a 3-4 defensive end.

The work is apparently helping as Jackson posted a career best seven tackles against the Jaguars last week.

Going into last week, Jackson had two tackles and one assist in the preseason and three tackles and two assists in the regular season.

Anderson is a fourteen year veteran who ended his career with the New England Patriots in 2003.  He played on the defensive line, both defensive end (in a 3-4) and defensive tackle.  He's appeared in 202 games so experience, particularly in the 3-4, is the biggest thing he has going for him.

He's certainly for the 'Chiefs Connection' with Scott Pioli (CLE 92-95, BAL 96, NYJ 98-99), Todd Haley (NYJ 98-99), and again Pioli (NE 01-03).

Pleasant was never a Pro Bowler but posted his third best number of sacks in his eleventh year, and first with the Patriots in 2001.

Pleasant is (was) 6'5", 280 pounds during his playing career while Jackson is similarly sized at 6'4", 290 pounds.