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Pollard Claims Chiefs Spoke Poorly of Him After Release

Former Kansas City Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard talked to the folks at 810 WHB after a 12 tackle, two interception game for the Houston Texans on Sunday.

A lot of folks in Kansas City are not happy with the safety play last Sunday.  Mike Brown admitted that he gave up two touchdowns on a 28 yard run and a 61 yard pass.  The guy Mike Brown replaced, Pollard, had quite a game for the Texans.

Over the weekend, there was a quote from Pollard in his hometown appear where he said he wasn't sure why he was released, insinuating there was some sort of personality conflict. 

Yesterday, in an interview on 810, Pollard indicated that the Chiefs weren't speaking highly of him following his release on September 5th.

"I'm not going to sit here and lie to you," he said, "I don't know why I was cut.  I can't do anything but assume. I know what was said about me. The things they said about me weren't right and they know they weren't right."

A reporter used the word "blackball" yesterday when he asked head coach Todd Haley about Pollard's words.  I think that would imply the Chiefs were purposely trying to keep him out of the league, which I'm not sure if the case.

Pollard went into more detail on the things he claims someone from the Chiefs said about him after he was released.

"I don't know who said them. The one thing that disappointed me - I'm not going to go to into everything that was said because there were a lot of things that were said but it hurt me - it said I was argumentative and disrespectful to my teammates."

Pollard said he's "never" been disrespectful to his teammates and will always "respect every one of them as a man and a friend."  He says he has "never been that type of player."

"I respect coach Herm because he went to bat for me," he continued. "He called people [for me]. No team would touch me. Nobody wanted to mess with me because they didn't want to bring that into their lockerroom."

Indeed, Herm Edwards told the guys on 810 WHB earlier that day that he had called a few GMs for Pollard.

Herm also disagreed with any description of Pollard as a bad lockerroom guy. Some tweets from Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star said even though Pollard is a better player than Mike Brown, he was a bad lockerroom influence. 

Herm did not agree with any of these assessments and labeled him a great lockerroom guy.

As he did in an interview with his hometown paper yesterday, Pollard was outspoken about the way he was treated by Todd Haley and his coaching staff.

"You just can't disrespect me and expect me to go home...when you're playing on TV and your wife and kids are at the game and they see you waling off the field and the coach yelling at you for doing some that's not even your fault, cursing you out."

"This is a professional job," he said, "You're dealing with grown men."