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Chiefs Have Already Matched '08 NFL Record Low Sack Total

Well, it only took eight games for the 2009 Chiefs to match the 2008 team's NFL record low number of sacks.

Yes, folks, the 2009 Kansas City Chiefs have 10 sacks.  10!  Through eight weeks!

Wallace Gilberry had one sack on Sunday, heavily aided by Tamba Hali.  Here's how the Chiefs come out on sacks so far this season.

  • Tamba Hali: 3
  • Wallace Gilberry: 3
  • Derrick Johnson: 1
  • Mike Vrabel: 1 
  • Mike Brown: 1 
  • Jon McGraw: 1

Last season, Tamba Hali had 3 and Derrick Johnson had 1.5.  They're both on pace to top those numbers.  After that, there isn't a Chief that had a sack last season that has one for the team this season.

20 sacks, the Chiefs' pace at this point, isn't a great number but, like I've said before, it's an improvement.