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Chiefs Should Be Working on Their Run Defense During the Bye

Rushing Defense

Left End Left Tackle Left Guard Up the Middle Right Guard Right Tackle Right End
Plays: 27 Plays: 16 Plays: 9 Plays: 82 Plays: 19 Plays: 16 Plays: 27
NFL Rank: 5 NFL Rank: 24 NFL Rank: 26 NFL Rank: 1 NFL Rank: 13 NFL Rank: 24 NFL Rank: 10
Avg Gain: 7.41 Avg Gain: 3.81 Avg Gain: 4.22 Avg Gain: 4.50 Avg Gain: 5.58 Avg Gain: 3.13 Avg Gain: 4.59
NFL Rank: 29 NFL Rank: 18 NFL Rank: 17 NFL Rank: 23 NFL Rank: 29 NFL Rank: 7 NFL Rank: 16

How has the Kansas City Chiefs switch to the 3-4 been so far for the run defense?

Greatly improved over last year's historic lows but still sitting in the lower third of the NFL.

Above are the ranks for the Chiefs' run defense in plays run at them by direction and amount of yards given up by direction.

For those that are chart impaired, here are a few notes:

  • Opponents run up the middle against the Chiefs more than any other team
  • Opponents also do pretty well rushing up the middle against us - 4.5 yards a carry
  • Opponents hammer the left side of the line against the Chiefs almost more than anyone else
  • Opponents average over 7 yards/carry running to that left side too

To help you visualize the line better and to spark some more conversation, here's how the Chiefs defensive line and linebackers line up:

  • LE Tyson Jackson
  • NT Ron Edwards
  • RE Glenn Dorsey
  • LOLB Mike Vrabel
  • LILB Demorrio Williams
  • RILB Corey Mays
  • ROLB Tamba Hali

Have at it AP readers. Where are the strengths/weakness on this line? And exactly how good do you think this defense is?

Compare the chart above with the line up below and let us know what you see.