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Just About Every Former Chiefs Star Will Be In The House Sunday

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250px-super_bowl_29_vince_lombardi_trophy_at_49ers_family_day_2009_mediumWho says the new Kansas City Chiefs regime doesn't want former players around?  This Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys will be a continuation of the club's 40th anniversary of Super Bowl IV and the 50th anniversary of the AFL.  Bob Gretz has the scoop on all the events planned.  

The coolest one?  Len Dawson will carry the Super Bowl trophy out to mid-field.  He'll be joined by Chief greats:

Bobby Bell, Willie Lanier, Jan Stenerud, Fred Arbanas, Ceasar Belser, Ed Budde, Chuck Hurston, Jim Kearney, Ed Lothamer, Curtis McClinton, Ed Podolak and Noland Smith.

That's not all.  Other special events include:

  • Priest Holmes' retirement celebration
  • A fly-over
  • Roger Goodell and former Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil will be in attendance
  • Nick Lowery will be inducted into the Chiefs Hall of Fame

Other folks that will be in attendance:

Tony Adams, Derrick Alexander, Kimble Anders, Gary Barbaro, Bryan Barker, Mike Bell, Chris Burford, Keith Cash, Deron Cherry, Walt Corey, Jerry Cornelison, Anthony Davis, Charlie Diamond, Kendall Gammon, Charlie Getty, Kelly Goodburn, Tim Grunhard, Abner Haynes, Danan Hughes, Eddie Kennison, Ken Kremer, Bill Krisher, Pete Koch, Dave Lindstrom, Larry Marshall, Chris Martin, Ted McKnight, Christian Okoye, Bobby Ply, Scott Radecic, Kerry Reardon, Al Reynolds, Dan Saleaumua, Neil Smith, Gary Spani, Marcus Spears, Art Still, Smokey Stover and Walter White.

Thanks to Bob Gretz for the information.  Click the link for more.

So, yeah, if you were going to attend one game this season, make it this one.  You're definitely getting the most bang for your buck.

(H/T ICTChief for the link)